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Pier King Foundation Repair is leading the foundation repair industry utilizing the most current foundation repair methods available in the Oklahoma City, and surrounding Oklahoma areas. Family owned and operated with years of industry experience, Pier King repairs both Residential and Commercial foundations. Call Now to schedule your *FREE Foundation Repair Estimate or simply fill out our contact form, and one of our experienced foundation repair experts will contact you immediately. Do you need help paying for your foundation repairs? Pier King offers *Guaranteed Financing! Get your Foundation Repairs fixed today with Pier King Foundation Repair in Oklahoma City, OK. Highly Reviewed by our many satisfied customers, we keep Customer Service a top priority, Satisfaction Guaranteed! We stand by our repairs by giving you a Lifetime Transferable Warranty. Never worry about foundation problems again with Pier King Foundation Repair. Quality Foundation Repair, done right the first time, at a price you can afford!           



At Pier King Foundation Repair in Oklahoma City, we employ the most experienced team of foundation repair contractors, and spend countless hours making sure they receive top notch training to ensure that our customers are completely Satisfied! We utilize the industries best trusted, and warranted products, such as our Steel Piers and Polyurethane Foam Injection. We're up to date, and educated on the indurtries lastest foundation repair systems, and methods used for various types of foundation problems. We have the experience required to fix even the largest foundation repair jobs! Commercial and Residential Foundation Repair, Appartments and Condos, Building Foundation Repair, and every other structure under the sun!


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Pier King Foundation Repair will assist you at every stage, from pre-construction to completion.

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  • Commercial Foundation Repair
  • 2M GL Insurance
  • Cracked Foundation
  • Wall Straightening
  • Foundation Leveling
  • Crawl Space Repair
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Steel Pier Foundation Repair


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                                What is our process?


At Pier King we always strive to work with you in determining the right fix for your home and your goals. We also realize foundation problems can be overwhelming sometimes and we plan to help you in every way we can to make it as pleasurable of an experience as possible!


A typical home foundation repair usually takes Pier King less than a week to complete and can many times be completed in less than a day. All of our foundation piers, foundation underpinning, and foundation leveling systems come with a written warranty so that you know the problem was fixed right and so you can have peace of mind for many years to come.


Issues like stair-step foundation cracks, buckling walls, and sagging floors can be devastating to your home's value and make you feel bad about the way your home looks and feels. Our foundation repair systems are designed to do more than just permanently repair your home. They're also designed to return your structure to its original position.


Regardless of why you're experiencing a foundation problem or need foundation slab repair in your home, your Pier King Foundation Repair representative can conduct a thorough inspection of your home and let you know what steps need to be taken to permanently stabilize your foundation and restore value to your investment at an affordable price.



Why should I have my Foundation Repaired now?


The Problem Will Get Worse: A foundation problem never gets better on its own. As it gets worse, the problem will cost more to fix.


Resale: If your property has foundation problems then in most cases it is difficult to sell for many reasons. It usually is a better financial move to have the repair completed by a trusted foundation repair company and backed by a Lifetime Transferable Warranty prior to selling.


Appearance: foundation problems often cause ugly cracks not only in the foundation itself but also inside the home.


Door and Window Operation: As your foundation fails to hold the structure in place, your house will bend and twist. This will cause doors and windows to stick and jam.


Use of Space: Sometimes you can lose the use of your space because of foundation failure. That's not what you paid for when you bought your home!


A Safer Home: It's unusual, but disasters like foundations collapsing, chunks of brick veneer falling off the house, and other serious safety hazards do emerge.


Keep Pests Away: Insects and animals can get into your home through cracks in the foundation, becoming unwanted and uninvited guests.


Can I afford to repair my Foundation?


We Realize Foundation Repair can be stressfull and we are proud to offer Flexible Financing to our customers so contact us today to apply!


To get Flexible Financing right away, please call (918) 899-9808 or visit our Contact Us page now!


*Estimates are entirely free to all homeowners. There is a fee for all non-homeowners who require immediate service.

If you do not need prompt service and are flexible with time, this fee may be waived.




Save more of your money with Pier King Foundation Repair!


Pier King Foundation Repair may offer a substantial discount depending on the scope of work needed. Any home or business that requires more than 10 piers will be eligible for this discount. Contact us for details. Senior Citizen and Military discounts are also available!



Should You Repair Your Home or Business Foundation? Are you Building a New Foundation?

When a home foundation is damaged, things can look much worse than they actually are. In that light, it may seem like the foundation is beyond repair. Instead,  the solution is to demolish the old foundation and build a new one in its place. While we agree that it's wise to take every foundation problem seriously, it's important to bear in mind that most foundation issues have simple, yet permanent repair solutions.


Replacing your foundation is an expensive, time-consuming process that doesn't really address the original source of your foundation issues, being the soils around your home. Foundations, old and new, can experience damage from expansive soils, settlement, frost, and other natural forces. That's why we at Pier King Foundation Repair prefer to address these problems on your existing foundation with warranted, permanent solutions.

We Can Fix Your Foundation Or Structural Problem!


At Pier King Foundation Repair, we're here to fix your foundation problem  no matter what it is. We have the specialized equipment, products, and professional experience you need to make permanent foundation repairs.


To get you started on the right foot, we'd like to provide you with a *free foundation repair estimate. We'll introduce you to one of our foundation repair professionals who can answer any questions you have, and explain how we can permanently restore value and structural stability to your home or business.


CALL (405) 534-9788 or E-mail us today to schedule your *FREE, NO COST ESTIMATE! We proudly serve the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma area.



*Guaranteed Financing available with sufficient down payment.


*Estimates are completely free to al home owners. There is a $75.00 fee for all non-home owners who require immediate service. If you do not require immediate service, and are flexible with time, this fee may be waived.

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